Pet Partner Program

The Pet Partner Program is the main purpose of Forget Me Not Rescue of Kern. As a rule the rescue does not hold adoption events or adopt out to individuals unless they have an animal that needs help but wouldn’t be happy or a good fit for the program.

The Pet Partner Program matches homebound, isolated seniors in the community with in need/shelter dogs and cats from Kern County shelters that have been passed over and have little chance of finding a loving home. These cats and dogs are often the first to end up in the shelter and the last (if lucky enough) to leave. They are the Forget Me Not Rescue dogs and cats.  

All initial pet expenses of this program are paid for by the Forget Me Not Rescue of Kern. The seniors will never have to pay for any of the initial expenses which include the wellness check by a vet, shots, spay/neuter, food, bedding, toys or even regular grooming. This level of continuous support is possible by fundraising efforts and help from the community.

Through interviews, meet and greets, and even sleepovers, the program is able to match each senior with the dog or cat that best matches their energy level and lifestyle. All dogs and cats are fostered by a Forget Me Not Rescue foster family until they are thoroughly vetted. 

Every cat or dog the program matches is healthy, potty trained, neutered or spayed and up to date on all shots. Their personality and energy level are monitored and documented to ensure a good match with each senior. After placement, the senior and their new pet are monitored until its certain it is a good fit.

Program supervisors stay in touch with seniors and address any problems or concerns they may have during the home visits to pick up the dog or cat for grooming. Communication is key and the seniors have a phone number to reach out at all times with any questions they may have.

Studies have shown the remarkable benefits, both physically and emotionally, to seniors that have a pet to love. They become more active, and they have an increased sense of purpose knowing an animal depends on them. The companionship, especially for those seniors who have lost a spouse or close friends is healing in many ways.

Some of the notable health benefits of having a pet to care for include lower risk of heart attack, less anxiety and depression, and more social interactions. Pets have a calming effect on all humans, especially seniors.

It makes perfect sense to match a lonely forgotten dog with a lonely, and often time forgotten senior.